Christian Huber

Excellent service has many faces.
Here is one of the most passionate.

Christian Huber

Christian Huber

Trainer and coach, hotelier and restaurateur, host and traveller, lover of details with an eye for the whole and a perfectionist with a large heart

“In more than 35 years in the industry, from my apprenticeship in the hotel trade through to leading positions in private and chain hotels, I have learnt what hospitality qualities and service excellence mean, how joint objectives can be achieved and that the key to sustainable success lies in positive relationships and mutual appreciation among people.”

Good service is not remarkable.
It is pure magic.


Excellent service is pure magic. It makes ordinary places into palaces and dull hours into precious treasure. It can even transform people. From somebody who is stressed to a bon viveur. And employees into a passionate team. That is exactly the focus of the training and coaching events of my service manufaktur.

Drawing on a network of trainers from different fields, I ensure that service employees are transformed into excellent service employees. This of course includes perfect actions and specialist knowledge; but the decisive factor is somewhat different: the contact between one person and the other. The aim is to create such pleasant encounters that a positive energy arises.

This is possible when service is understood not as a craft but as an attitude – and that is exactly how I live it. My training events are always also a form of personality training. Contrived templates for communication and conduct will never reach the hearts of our guests and customers, whereas an authentic presence and radiant joy in our own work will do so without fail. I show employees how to achieve this. To do so I use my own training concept, but the key is a high level of personal passion and a love of unique service moments. My team, and I myself, are simply entranced by top-class service, and that has an infectious quality.

For us and above all for our customers it is a stroke of luck that what we love most in our hearts also turns out to be economically beneficial. Happier employees, who appreciate one another and work together in harmony. Guests and customers who relish a sense of wellbeing and become loyal to a company or to a brand. And a shared success that motivates all participants, even into the long term.

die service manukatur

Many hearts are the
heart of success

About us

I started die service manufaktur in Stuttgart in 2001 with the aim of sharing my passion for service with other people. Today, die service manufaktur operates out of Munich location-independently.

My team is made up of a loyal network of professional trainers from Germany, Austria, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France and the USA. We travel around the world for our customers and operate in many languages. In what is now more than 20 years we have trained and inspired over 10,000 employees in individual and team coaching events and supported some 50,000 employees in trainings and well over 400 individual projects.


Training events

How does your brand communicate itself in terms of service and sales? How is it present? We develop service and communications concepts to suit your company personality. On this basis, we then prepare a detailed training programme for your team and implement it with the right trainers from our network.

You can find out more about this and about our GAST training methodology here.

Executive coaching

We offer exclusive coaching events for decision-makers that not only provide individual training but create impulses for business questions and enable new potentials to be developed.


“The solutions stand out for their creativity and a uniquely individual note.”

Dietmar Schaaf,
Head of Service Training/Operation Frankfurt/München | Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH

“Recognising and addressing the different personality types with the aim of strengthening the team is an outstanding feature of Christian Huber’s work.”

Markus Brandt,
Director, TA.LA Tagungszentrum Landshut conference centre

“After what is now 4 years of working together, we continue to feel his unconditional passion for taking the next steps forward with us.”

Jörg Grabicki,
Head of Sales & Expansion Shops | Jochen Schweizer my days Group

Stefan Handke,
Retail Manager Coaching Shops | Jochen Schweizer my days Group

“Your competences and your capacity to adapt to us as a customer were unbeatable.”

Simon Reichl,
Manager Cabin Operations & Hospitality Design
Eurowings Discover

“If he says yes to an order, I can entrust everything to him and know that he will have everything done on my behalf and leads it to full success.”

Sylvia Weinmann,
MANGAGING Director, Avenger Photographers

“For anybody looking for a provider who really listens and therefore hears the concerns that you wish him to resolve and who is open to new paths and new solutions, I can truly and heartily recommend die service manufaktur.”

Silke Kollmar,
Owner and fashion expert | Mode und Freunde

“Always focus on the personal development of the participants.”

Ulrich Bensel,
Chief Human Resources Officer | Deutsche Hospitality

“The result was an improved communication with the guest / higher sales closure on the telephone and ultimately higher occupancy.”

Marc Traubel,
Owner and Director
Hubertus Mountain Refugio Allgäu

„Christian Huber has earned the title of supercoach!“

Participant on manufaktur training
‘Charming and articulate with guests’

“The Robin Hood of the service industry”

Participant of manufaktur workshop
‘Service Excellence Day’

“ The Manufaktur service offers sustainable, defining, people-oriented solutions and developments that can be implemented in the “real” world, with a distinct “value-for-money” effect.”

Thorsten Manz | formerly for Steigenberger Hotels AG |
HR-Corporate Office (subsequently for Melitta Group)

“With Christian Huber, we have a professional partner of many years standing who exemplifies the “passion for excellent service”, communicates this authentically and with sensitivity, and who knows how to inspire our employees with this passion.”

Katja Fauth | Althoff + Ameron Hotels Collection |
Vice President Human Resources

Excerpt of manufaktur customers

  • Absheron Hotel Group
  • Accor Hotels
  • Althoff Hotels Collection
  • Ameron Hotels Collection
  • Arosa Resorts
  • Avenger Photographers
  • Bayern Bankett
  • Braincourt
  • Brauereigasthof Aying
  • Deutsche Hospitality
  • DGB Bildungswerk Bund
  • Dorint Hotels + Resorts
  • Eurowings Discover
  • The Fürst Donnersmarck-Foundation(Hotels)
  • Grand Elysée Hamburg
  • Gübelin Jewellers
  • Hermès Germany
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Holiday Inn Hotel Hamburg
  • Hubertus Mountain Refugio
  • IntercityHotels
  • Jochen Schweizer | mydays Group
  • Jumeirah Hotels
  • Kull + Weinzierl Gastronomy
  • Kunzmann’s Hotel
  • Latham & Watkins Germany
  • Linder Hotel Belvedere
  • Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany
  • Lufthansa Group
  • Melitta Group
  • Milbank Germany
  • Parkhotel Vitznau
  • Pfalzwerke Netz
  • Radisson Hotels
  • Ramada Hospitality
  • Rilano Hotels Munich
  • Saffron Restaurant Group
  • Schloss Marbach Conference & seminar center
  • Schweizerhof Bern
  • Steigenberger Hotels
  • Swiss Deluxe Hotels
  • Ta.La - Landshut Conference Centre
  • Vabali Spa Berlin + Düsseldorf
  • Wackler Group