Christian Huber

Guests are my life.
And my life history.

Christian Huber

I am Christian Huber, owner of die service manufaktur and the coach for service excellence in Germany. I have been involved with this industry at all levels for 30 years. Although in fact I’ve known it for much longer.

I had my first restaurant when I was six years old. The guests were imaginary – but the premises were quite professional, in the basement of my parents’ restaurant. Even then I was keen on being a restaurateur, and I’ve never wanted to work anywhere except in this line of business. Even today I still work some days each year as the head waiter in a restaurant – out of pure passion for service.

Straight after school I embarked as an apprentice at the nearby four-star hotel in Berchtesgaden (rather than pursuing the university entrance exam that my parents and teachers would have preferred). From there I moved into the international luxury hotel industry and many other areas of our wonderful service industry, such as:

  • Hilton Munich Park, front-office shift leader
  • Heidelberg Hotel Management School, graduating as a state-examined hotel management specialist, plus personnel
  • Small luxury hotel Alpenhof Murna, reception director
  • German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA), deputy head of DEHOGA Academy
  • Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Restaurant ‘Fresko’, managing director